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    Change stage directory

      Hi everyone,


      I ran into a little issue with my rscd-agent on RHEL ES 6. Problem is, when applying a job via BLC, the script is copied to "/var/tmp/stage/[JOB]" on the target.


      Te security guideline of my corporation defines a noexec on /var/. Though, executing jobs on those systems fails every time.


      For solution I thought of chaning the directory for the rscd agent to /tmp/stage or something, but I found no possibility to do that. Is there a configuration file or something, maybe a parameter in a startup script that defines this path, or is it hardcoded?


      I could as well link /var/tmp to /tmp or something, but doing this on 4.500 servers could take quite a while.


      Best regards,


      Jascha Sticher

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          Steffen Kreis


          the STAGE directory is defined by the Server-Property STAGING_DIR.


          So there are two things you should consider:


          1.) Change the default value in the Property dictionary to your desired value in order to have it automatically set for every new server to add.


          2.) Create a smart-group with all your 4.500 targets servers. right-click the Smart-Group and select "Set Property"

          and then set the property "STAGING_DIR" to your desired value.

          This with change the value for all servers in your smart-group.

          Any job will from then on use the new directory as the STAGING Dir.




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            Soundappan Shanmugam

            Steffen Kreis is perfecto!! and this would be the best practise rather than changing the Globally defined value( Server Property dictionary) than Local defined value( Individual Server Property)