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    Redhat patch error - Redhat may have changed the sso link

      I got a notification that BSA failed to update my Redhat repo and while normally I wouldn't care I have been busy doing some Redhat work so I looked in to and it says it can't connect to:




      Specifically from BSA 8.3.0:


      Error while updating feed: Error occurred while logging to RHN. (Caused By: Error occurred while connecting to url: https://www.redhat.com/wapps/sso/login.html. Please verify Internet connectivity and if you have provided Proxy then verify your Proxy settings (Caused By: www.redhat.com))


      So I went to the link to check connectivity:


      404 Error


      Oops! We can't find the page you requested.


      We recently redesigned our website to make it easier for you to find what you need. Obviously we still have some work to do.


      Want to help us improve our website?


      We've automatically logged this error and sent it to our web team. But we'd also appreciate a message from you telling us about your experience in your own words. Your contribution and feedback are important to us. Thanks for helping make our site better—both for you and the rest of the Red Hat community. That's the open source way!


      Can anyone else verify this?  I am not sure if this is a Redhat ticket or a BMC ticket (IE if Redhat made this as an intended change then BMC needs to update but if Redhat deleted the wrong stuff, they need fix it.)


      I am not in a hurry to fix this but I know people will be calling me about it soon,



      Chris Rudin