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    Rscd installation problem

      Hello Freinds,


      We i am installing an agent in solaris server , it is giving below an error:- Please help me to resolve this issue.




      sudo ./RSCD81-SP3-SOL10-SPARC.sh


      A previous installation already exists.

      Do you wish to continue (y/n) ? y

      mkdir: "/usr/nsh/install_dir": Read-only file system

      Copying files into /usr/nsh/install_dir.

      ./RSCD81-SP3-SOL10-SPARC.sh: /usr/nsh/install_dir/Install.13824.Z: cannot create

      Error trying to create Install.13824 in /usr/nsh/install_dir.

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          Bill Robinson

          are you installing on a zone ?  it says 'read-only file system' for /usr which means you cannot write to /usr.  since usr is typcially inherited by a sparse zone, hence the zone question.


          if you are installing in a sparse zone you need to use the -local flag during the install and choose an installation directory that's writeable, like /opt.  there should be a section in the docs about installing on zones.

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            From error it looks like the sudo user does not have sufficient permission for  creating /usr/nsh/install_dir.

            You need to provide xw permission on /usr/nsh directory to sudo user.

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