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    save value BBSA

      Hi all,


      i am thinking on a possible solution to implement this kind of Use Case ( I will make a sample to simplify J)



      1.       User Launch a Job Execution to retrieve a Value on a Target Server

      2.       Value Returned = ‘value1’

      3.       Value ‘value1’ needs to be used as input for another Job


      How can I store the Value ‘value1’ on Bladelogic to use it again for another Job ?

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          Bill Robinson

          there's not a way to direclty pass parameters like this.  the easiest way is to get the value, write it to a file on the target and have the next job read that file.

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            mmm Bill, i think that it's not feasible what you are proposing for this Use Case.

            I mean: if the file and the value is written on the Server A and next Job has to be executed on Servers B,C,D,E...


            this will not work.


            Is it not possible to use blcli to get and set this value as property of a server ?


            Only point not clear to me for this kind of solution is that with a NSH script (3rd option of execution) will not allow you to run on the target servers the blcli

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              Bill Robinson

              the type 3 nsh job is a native shell script, so if there is no blcli installed on the target system then you can't use it.


              if you are dealing w/ only NSH Jobs you could run blcli in those to set properties in the PD during exection and read them back in the next job. 


              alternatively you could look at using a workflow job and BAO if you have that.


              i do think this is a bit of a shortcoming - it would be cool to have a way to say job1 runs and outputs X, if X=2 run job2, if X=3 run job3 and pass Y from job1.  but it's not something that's easily possible right now

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                Exaclty Bill ! this is the exact usefull Use Case i have in my mind.


                Do you know if such capabilitie is covered by a future release?

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                  Bill Robinson

                  Not that I’ve heard.  You can open a ticket and have support create a rfe for this.  you could also consider trying to talk to our product managers through your bmc account team about this as well.

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