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    Redhat Patching - Agent Mounts Source For Direct Use at Deployment



      I was looking for Redhat patching of targets at Multiple locations.


      I wanted to understand how "Agent Mounts Source For Direct Use at Deployment" option works when I create a new patch catalog ?


      This is what I have tried


      1. I have a Primary Linux patch repository server in the same network as the Bladelogic server and I will download patches to this server.
      2. I have created a NFS share for the patch repository on this server "/patch_repo" and given access to all.
      3. And I will be having one patch repository server in each remote locations with a NFS share "/patch_repo", I will replicate the content of primary patch_repo on to all the repository server in each location.
      4. In catalog I will create a network URL with following properties in Catalog "nfs://??TARGET.RHPATCH.SERVER??/??TARGET.RHPATCH.REPO"
      5. So on every target I will set the location property of the server based on location.


      Now I want to understand what happens during actual patch remediation ?


      1. Do I need anything on target to mount this share i.e. install nfs client etc or BLadelogic does this via rscd ?
      2. What port should I be opening between repository and targets and direcction ?


      Any help on this will be most appreciated.