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    Passing/Reading encrypted passwords in BLP Local Properties

    Vinnie Lima



      Looking for a way, much like in an NSH Script, to pass passwords to a BLP External command.


      We've added a local property to the BLPackage, but using a property type of "Encrypted String" does not work well for storing an encrypted password, then decrypting it to be used in the External Command.


      I am curious if there is a similar process of being able to decrypt it inside the BLPackage External Command like you can in an NSH script:


      blcli_execute BlValue createEncryptedStringBlValueBean

      blcli_execute EncryptedStringBlValueBean parseFromString $ENCRYPTED_PWD >nul

      blcli_execute EncryptedStringBlValueBean getClearTextString >nul

      blcli_storeenv DECRYPTED_PWD


      Thanks for any help.