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    How to create (BlPackage : createEmptyPackage) and (DeployJob : executeJobGetJobResultKey)



      1.I am trying to create blpackage empty with BLCLI


      blcli BlPackage createEmptyPackage tstPkg "test package" 2000007`

      after entering the command i am getting below option




      what is bquote,group id  where i can find it and what is depot group?



      2.I am trying to execute deploy job  with  BLCLI.


      JOB_NAME="Deploy Server"
      JOB_KEY=`blcli DeployJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "$JOB_FOLDER" "$JOB_NAME"`
      JOB_RESULT_KEY=`blcli DeployJob executeJobGetJobResultKey $JOB_KEY`


      i have tried executing according to my environment with above syntax but its not working.



      Please advise me.

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          createEmptyPackage as following input arguments


          Variable NameVariable TypeDescription
          packageName String Name of the package.
          description String Description of the package.
          groupId Integer ID of the depot group where you want to store the package


          Last one is the group id under Depot where you want to create empty blpackage


          In BladeLogic Console you will find Depot under BladeLogic Tree.


          Lets say you create a group under Depot. Then you need to find Group ID for that group

          And then use that group id to create empty blpackage using BLCLI


          you can find group ID using : DepotGroup groupNameToDBKey  /<group name>


          this returns : DBKey:SBLGroupModelKeyImpl


          Using this DB key you can create empty blpackage


          BlPackage createEmptyPackage tstPkg "test package" <dbkey found from above command>

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            You have a single quote at the end of the command ( ` ), which is not matched, so the command is not full, and you get " blquote> "



            In JOB_FOLDER="/Jobs/DeployJobs", you don't need to specify "Jobs", just use JOB_FOLDER="/DeployJobs"


            also consider perfornamce commands, review blcli help for more info:

            JOB_NAME="Deploy Server"
            blcli_execute DeployJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "$JOB_FOLDER" "$JOB_NAME"

            blcli_storeenv JOB_KEY
            blcli_execute DeployJob executeJobGetJobResultKey $JOB_KEY

            blcli_storeenv JOB_RESULT_KEY

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