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    Sharing CI's across BladeLogic environment

    richard mcleod

      We currently have two BladeLogic environments operating with different objectives.


      B1) ARM

      B2) Infrastructure Automation


      B1 and B2 run the same BSA 8.1 version, utilize the same in-house packaged agent, same certificate for authentication, but do not cross on administration.


      CI/Servers enrolled into the B1 environment can be enrolled into the B2 environment, however in the B2 environment we exclude the B1 servers from ACL push jobs.


      I haven't tried this but it sounds like it would conceptually work; a method to allow users in the B2 environment to access B1 enrolled servers from the B2 environment(not authenticating to the B1 appserver via RCP).


      First - step would be to create the B2 Roles, ACL Policies and ACL Templates in the B1 environment


      Second - would be to create the B2 users and add to the new B1 roles accordingly


      Third - apply the new B1 ACLs to the necessary objects


      Fourth - execute an ACL push to append the Users/Roles to each CI/servers users file


      Fifth - cross my fingers and hope that users in the B2 environment can access the B1 hosts



      Has anyone come across a similar situation? Were you able to successfully implement a method to provide a level of access to servers enrolled in one environment from another? Any suggestions?


      Roadmap is to merge B1/B2 eventually, looking for a short-mid term solution, i know the one i've posted above means double administration but it would be better than nothing.