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    How to find where a role has access.

      The problem I'm trying to solve is that I want to know where a role has access in the depot, jobs, components, component templates, devices & server trees.  


      Search from the console doesn't appear to help with this problem so I began writing an NSH script that recurses through the folders to find the permissions on the folders & items within.   I have it working fine for all of the groups & subgroups in the jobs, but for the rest I keep having trouble with the various different types of groups and objects.  


      I'm wondering if there is a generic way to recurse through all of the groups & do a "showpermissions" on each group & any objects contained theirin.  Perhaps there is a better way than doing this programatically--sql, or something in the console I'm missing.



      Can someone point me in the right direction or give me any hints?  I would really appreciate it.

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          Bill Robinson

          what's the use case here - why do you need to do this?  this is kind of like searching all of the files on your desktop to see what account has what permissions...



          i'd consider looking at bdssa/reports in the 'rbac' reports area where you can add the role, object type. authorization, etc.  doing this w/ the blcli/nsh is going to be a mess.

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