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    Reporting numbers of cyclic jobs

    Mark Francome



      I am using the Control-M Reporting Facility to show the number of jobs run in a day. However my bosses are now interested in the "number of executions" in a given day (i.e. the total number when cyclic jobs are taken into account). Is there any way of showing this figure in the Reporting Facility and breaking it down by Application? Failing that, can I do a direct query that will show me these numbers on CMR_AJF?





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          Try trend analysis in reporting facility or you may collect the data from IOALOG tables.


          Message id SL5105 is for number of job submitted.



          Chinmoy  Layek

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            Joe Goldberg

            If you are running Control-M verison 7, create an "Execution" report for the previous 1 day (yesterday). Each entry is a job execution whether it is a unique job or a rerun (manual or cyclic). If you are interested in all executions, no filter is required. If only for successful completions, you can filter by Completion Status. Other fields can also be used to filter the report to get what you need. Use "Summaries" to get counters so you don't have to manually count records. Use "Group By" and "Sort" to get arrange the report the way you want. This should give you exactly what you described.


            If you have any questions, let me know and I will try to help.