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    Does Blade logic 8.2 SP2 Support Windows 2008R2 Server Core Edition patching?

    Gurneet Singh Chopra



      I have 3 MS-ID patches for M.S Windows 2008R2 Server Core Edition.


      BL does support Windows 2008 and 2008R2. However, i am not sure for Windows 2008R2 Server Core Edition.


      I have downloaded latest Shavlik Metadata files and based on that created/updated offline patch catalog. But, i do not see the following 3 MS-ID (Bulleting IDs) in the patch catalog: These MS-IDs are patches for 2008 Server Core Edition.




      As per Microsoft Technet, neither these patches are obsolete, nor any other patch have superceded these 3 patches. Any clues why these 3 are not showing up in BL patch catalog?