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    Virtual Entity type is not set correctly



      I am running a basic blcli command (Virtualization Namespace) to get hold of a key for a virtual machine registered with vCenter.




      VMKEY=`blcli -v defaultProfile -r BLAdmins Virtualization getVirtualGuestKeyByServerName "$GUEST"`

      echo "$VMKEY"


      I get the following error "Virtual Entity type is not set correctly for SERVERXYZ"


      I checked the Property dictionary and by default the "Virtual_Entity_type" is set to "Virtual Machine"


      SERVERXYZ is a virtual machine managed by a VirtuaCenter and registered in Bladelogic, Also this VM is imported in to bladelogic (Not provisioned by BSA)


      VirtualCenter is also registered with Bladelogic.


      Can anyone point me wht I am not getting the expected output ?


      Help will be appreciated.