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    Notification should be sent to Incident owner group on Status change of the incident

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      Can anyone please tell me how do we send notification to the Incident owner group when the status of the incident is changed?

      Is there any configuration( in any of the forms) or customization is required?


      From ITSM Notification Guide, I did find that when the staus of Incident is changed to Resolved a filter fires and notification is sent to the Incident owner group.


      But want to know for every status change.

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          Ashwanth Padmanabhan

          these are the message tags as of now i see for Owner Group









          in this there is no message tag which does the trick for Status Change Notification so this tells us that it requires both configuration + customization...



          you need to register a notification event in the system NTE:SYS-Define NT Events+ making a preference for that notification event in this form NTE CFG notification events + register a message tag for the same event in SYS:Notification Messages form




          you need to add your notification event in this form NTE:SYS-Define NT Events by adding one value to the drop down field and you need to have a filter on the hpd:help desk form whenever there is a change of status that should set the message tag which you created and call the notification guide...


          the format of that filter would be similar as to that of this one...you can do a save as and go ahead with that..by changing basic qual and message tag





          now with this info you refer the notification guide thats all it takes to achieve your requirement...