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    Web Services Calls via Bladelogic?

      Hi, all.  Is there a good document pointer on how to call web services to other automation systems via SOAP or REST, and how best to integrate that into a Bladelogic workflow?  I'd like to perform some bare metal provisioning followed by call-outs to other automation systems that communicate over REST.


      Thanks in advance for any pointers!

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          I think was Matt is looking for is a integration from BSA to other automation systems which exposes WebServices. One way of achieving this is by using a Workflow Job which uses BMC Atrium Orchestrator.

          Atrium Orchestrator has the ability to integrate with other tools using different adapters where WebService is one of them. Check with your BMC rep if this is something you would like to explore further


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            Joe Piotrowski

            Is this the only way? Using blasadmin, we have the following Webservices functionality, but I am not familiar with them:


            bladmin:default>show web


            available options: [MaxSessionsPerUser|MaxWebServicesSessions|RegistryApplicationName|RegistryBusinessName|RegistryCriteria|RegistryPublishedHostName|RegistryServer|RegistryServerPassword|RegistryServerPort|RegistryServerProtocol|RegistryServerUserName|TimeOutInterval|TouchTimeForService|WebServiceRunReleasedCommandsOnly]


            MaxSessionsPerUser   - The max number of sessions a user can actively login

            MaxWebServicesSessions - Max number of connections supported by the WebServices Engine

            RegistryApplicationName - The application name published in the registry server

            RegistryBusinessName - The business name published in the registry server

            RegistryCriteria     - The disambiguation criteria published in the registry server

            RegistryPublishedHostName - The name of the Web Services host. The IPAddress of this host will be used when services are published in the registry.

            RegistryServer       - The name of the registry server

            RegistryServerPassword - the password of the user used to connect to the registry server

            RegistryServerPort   - The registry server port

            RegistryServerProtocol - The protocol of the registry server (http/https)

            RegistryServerUserName - The name of the user used to connect to the registry server

            TimeOutInterval      - WebServices time out interval in milliseconds

            TouchTimeForService  - The touch time in milliseconds,  the interval during which a service context is touched to make it current.

            WebServiceRunReleasedCommandsOnly - Run released cli commands only

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              I think this is for enable the webservice in BSA so that you can call into BSA using its web service interface. I understood that Matt wants to call an external webservice from BSA.

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                Robert Stinnett

                Apparently we have one license for Atrium Orchestrator that came with our BSA purchase.  I have not been able to find any good documentation on setting up Atrium Orchestrator.  What type of install are we looking at here?  What type of training would we need to use it?


                Those I have spoke with at BMC about it have been very vague, and the documentation for AO is lacking if non-existant (from what I can find as related to BSA).

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                  Lu Wang

                  We are facing a similar issue now in CLM.  I'd like for BSA to get data from AR form, and there is no easy way to do that.


                  I'm thinking of web service enabled the AR form, then use BSA to call AO, which consumes the AR web service.  Anyone done anything similar?  Is there a better way?