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    Setting NSH credentials to use a role

      I need to be able to run a blcli utility to license servers from the command line on a Windows app server automatically. Consequently I don't have the credentials set that I would have if I ran it through configuration manager.

      Looking at the environment it seems that I'm missing NSH_USER_NAME and NSH_ROLE_NAME.

      Currently I just run an nsh script from the command line but it requires a user in the remote servers users.local as an 'nsh only' user (i.e. no role specified).

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          Bill Robinson

          i think you are getting things confused...


          if you are running the blcli directly you would need to run:


          blcred cred -acquire -profile <profileName> -username <user> -password <pass>


          blcli -v <profile> -r <role> command args


          if you are using the 'performance commands' then:

          blcred cred -acquire -profile <profileName> -username <user> -password <pass>

          then in your nsh script you need to have:

          blcli_setoption serviceProfileName <profile?

          blcli_setoption roleName <role>


          blcli_execute Command args...


          if you are trying to communicate w/ a target agent via nsh (vs the blcli) and you need to pickup the bladelogic creds you need to configure your nsh client to use a nsh proxy, and get creds w/ blcred.

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