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    huge file size deployment in BBSA

    Roy Ong

      Hi all,


      Currently my setup has an appserver, and 3 repeaters each on 3 subnets. Lets say that I need to deploy 30gb of files to 6 servers which are spread on 3 subnets. I would like to know if there are any baseline specifications/considerations for a bladelogic setup to handle such a huge deployment in a specific timeframe. Any tweaks on the appserver that I should do based on the size of the deployment source to minimize the deployment time?


      Thanks in advance for any help.




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          Newton Nyante

          I don't think there are specific configuration tweaks to help in this type of case.  With the file(s) being so large you may want to consider if these will be stored in the BSA fileserver or just on an accessible location.  If the latter is used when the object is added to the Depot you can define a copy protocol (rscd, nfs, smb, etc) and it will copy the first direct from this location to the target.


          To reduce job execution time you can use an advanced deploy  job.  This will allow you to config the staging of the content to the target to happen at some time and then schedule the execution of content at a later time.  This is good if you have a specific windows for deployment.

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            Bill Robinson

            i'd be asking why you need to deploy 30gb of files in the first place...