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    What is the difference between these agent statuses? "Connection Timed Out" and "No Such Device Or Address"


      I have been working through a migration of a large number of servers from Bladelogic version 7.4 to 8.2, and I have been recieving the following agent statuses when attempting to update server properties:


      "Connection timed out"

      "No such device or address"

      "Connection refused"

      "No authorization to access host"


      I know what "Connection refused" and "No authorization to access host" messages mean, but the first two have me confused.


      I know for a fact that there are servers in my migration list which no longer exist, and those servers will need to be decommissioned from the Bladelogic environment after the migration is complete. 


      What are the differences between "Connection timed out" and "No such device or address"?  Is it safe to assume that those messages mean that the servers are not online at all and will not respond to ping from the application server?