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    Downloading/adding non base os patch channels from RHN satellite within BSA

    Shankar Masekar



      One of our customer is using RHN satellite for RHEL patching within Bladelogic (BSA 8.2). Through RedHat Sattelite server they have access to different channels other than just the base OS.


      For example, Red Hat Network Tools Server 6  is one of the channels that they use and if there is a bug or security fix in this channel , but it won't be picked up by the default base OS patching config in Bladelogic.


      Below are the few RHN staelite channels that are not being picked by OS patch configuration in Bladelogic…


      . jb-middleware           

      . jbdevstudio-1-linux     

      . jbdevstudio-1-mac                          

      . jbdevstudio-1-windows                      

      . jbdevstudio-2-linux                        

      . jbdevstudio-2-mac                          

      . jbdevstudio-2-windows                      

      . redhat-linux-alpha-6.2                 

      . redhat-linux-alpha-7.0                  

      . redhat-linux-alpha-7.1            

      . redhat-linux-ee-i386-6.2     


      Is there a way to subscribe to these channels in Bladelogic patching ?


      Your help/information on this would be really appreciated.