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    Issues upgrading Console

      I have tried upgrading my Console to 8.2 SP2, but got an error during the upgrade saying it could not find a runtime enviroment or JDK and now i can neither uninstall the console or run it. When i try un-installing it its saying it can't find a iawin32.dll, I have a x64 bit O/S and there is a iawin64.dll. So not sure why its asking for this file.  Any ideas?

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          try the following to remove this corrupted  installation:

          - rename BladeLogic/NSH to NSH.old

          - uninstall again from Add/Remove Programs; it should fail due to files no longer exist, but will offer to remove the Add/Remove entry - hit ok to remove

          - try installing 8.2.2 version again


          - if still doesn't work, then along with removing this folder, also remove all instances from registry that have "BladeLogic/NSH", and then try installing again.