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    ITBM Product Features

      Hello Experts,


      I have few queries in OOTB ITBM product features.
      I have gone through ITBM architecture documents, user guides and configuration guides.
      But, I could not find answers to all my questions.


      Can you please let me know if following features are available till ITBM 8.0 version?


      1) Does demand management module of ITBM able to trace output  of request? ( e.g request will turn into program, project,product or ticket)?


      2) Does financial management module supports financial planning that can be included in strategic plan?


      3) Does ITBM supports provides  ability to support various types of financial planning processes: stage gating, ad hoc, annualized budget, organizational modeling?


      4) Can ITBM identify relationships between strategic planning, projects, services, tactical activities, and support work?


      5) Does PPM module seprates “demand” from formally approved projects?


      6) Does PPM module the ability to rank and score projects based on configurable and custom attributes against resource and financial capacity?


      7) Does PPM have the ability to model impact of changing financial and human constraints on project decision making?


      8) Does PPM provides the ability to track decisions made at different points in time and to compare current decisions with what was originally approved?


      9) Can ITBM modules create and control budget versions to track against revisions to plan?


      10) Does ITBM supports top down, bottom up and hybrid approaches to financial planning and budgeting for strategies, projects, products, and services?


      11) Does ITBM OOTB provide the ability to directly integrate with corporate financial systems such as ERP and budgeting and planning systems?


      12)  Does ITBM OOTB supports provides a document repository or integration to document repository like MS Sharepoint?


      13)  Does ITBM OOTB supports provides ability for project team members to collaborate using message boards, voting and other community environment tools?


      14) Does PPM supports support the ability to manage traditional Waterfall project processes and Agile methodology?


      15) Does ITBM  provides the ability to create multiple baselines against project schedules?


      16) Does ITBM allows  project managers to review, approve and/or reject timesheets partially or entirely?


      17) Does ITBM provides mechanism to allow alternate resources to submit timesheets on behalf of the user?


      18) Does ITBM provides timesheet approval as an option?


      19) Does ITBM prioritize programs, projects, products, and or services against available capacity based on user defined needs?


      20) Does ITBM prvodies the ability to analyze capacity versus demand i.e in terms of effort, employees and cost?


      21)  Does ITBM provide a way to view capacity by dollars and in one location?


      22) Does ITBM  provides an interactive Gantt chart?


      23) Does OOTB reporting supports show graphical representations that are easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Excel or PowerPoint and OLAP reporting capability?


      24) Does ITBM OOTB provides ability to generate project and portfolio reports showing schedule and cost performance indexes and variance?


      25) Does ITBM OOTB provides ability to report on actual, remaining, and at completion costs and hours?


      26) Does ITBM OOTB provides ability to compare current schedule (costs and hours) to a baseline along with variance?


      27)  What are avaialble methods for integration of ITBM with third party tool?


      28)  Does ITBM provides supports approval functionality around lifecycles and resources via mobile device?


      29) Does ITBM supports access to supporting documentation and content libraries via mobile devices?


      30) Does ITBM supports the ability to view analytics via an iPad?