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    Deregister VCO?



      Has anyone experienced issues de-registering the VCO in BSA 8.1?


      When trying to de-register, is get this in the logs:


      InfoJan 4, 2013 4:26:26 PMClass BMC_VMware_VirtualInfrastructureManager:801020 was not registered on server mgt01... ignoring deregistration


      However when live browsing, it still has VCenter in the list and I can browse the VCenter node... I have also updated Server Properties many times!



      If I try and register it, I get this:


      InfoJan 4, 2013 4:38:01 PMClass BMC_VMware_VirtualInfrastructureManager:81020262 was already registered on server mgt01... ignoring registration


      Very odd...