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    Failure to add UNC credentials - Patch Remediation



      I needed some help with Windows patching.


      I have a windows 2008 online Patch catalog and for network payload deployment I am using "Agent mounts source for direct use At deployment"


      I have provided the following network URL for payload deplyment "smb://vcenter4;admin:password@vcenter4/WIN2K8-AGTMNT"


      I have shared WIN2K8-AGTMNT and provided access to admin user (All th patches are downloaded under this share)


      When I run Patch analysis I can see patches missing on win2k8 targets, I download the missing patches and during remediation deploy job I see the following errors during commit


      Failure to add UNC credentials

      Asset could not setup local mount/map/UNC to payload source

      Bad net name: The network name cannot be found

      Failed to mount required installable. Cannot continue with asset.


      When I try to mount the share (\\vcenter4\WIN2K8-AGTMNT) on the target and it works


      Am I missing something here ? help will be appreciated