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      Hello Freinds,


      We are getting an error when i am adding a server in Bladelogic.


      error is :-

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          Are you adding it by hostname? Maybe appserver cannot resolve it to correct IP?

          Try adding it by IP or FQDN, and see what happens.

          Try restarting the appserver, to refresh its internal dns cache, and try again.

          Is the target pingable and from the appserver can you telnet to target port 4750?

          Do you see anything in the target server <agent>/rscd.log that could be of interest?

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            Check the agent installation status if it showing error..

            I am not sure what conveys the screenshot your shared..but it shows agent is not installed..


            also try this below


            Generally this is caused when the secure file is different on the two hosts making contact. Ensure that both hosts are communicating using the same protocol and encryption levels. Always use the 'secadmin' utility for making any changes to the secure file.

            This error can also be caused when Shavlik is running on the remote host, which is known to use port 4750, the same port that the RSCD agent uses. Try the following: Restart the RSCD agent, stop Shavlik, or reconfigure Shavlik to use a port other than 4750.


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              Avishekh, about the "agent not installed" ... that is expected, because the user is adding that server for the first time, and you simply see "agent not installed" as a default message. Once the appserver actually able to contact the target server, you would see all the properties populated with the correct values, but we are not at that stage yet, due to the error in question.


              about shavlik using the same port .... that is not the issue here. in order to use Shavlik (i.e. windows patch analysis job) you need to be able to connect to the agent first, and we're not there yet. Also Shavlik doesn't really use any ports, it's just an executable that the agent runs to get analysis results. agent and shavlik can perfectly coexist otherwise we would not have the patching solution. (offtopic: if you wish, watch the windows patching troubleshooting webinar I put together: ftp.bmc.com/pub/BLL1Training)


              everything else is good to check as well, once basics are covered.