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    Support group in Entitlement Rule

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      i want to create an entitlement rule for a support group. I am using Advanced qualification as "$\GROUPS$ LIKE "%1000000124%" where this 1000000124 is the group name found in Group form for the required support group. Though i have only 8 members in that support group, after saving this criteria, it saya 20000 people matched the criteria in people form. Any help on this? am i doing something wrong here?

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          Laurent Matheo

          Wouldn't it be rather $GROUPIDS$ ?

          Indeed "100..0124" is rather the group ID than name.

          Returns the list of the group IDs of which the current user is a member. If there are no groups, the value is NULL. If there are groups, the value is a string displayed in the following format: ;groupID; groupID; groupID;



          And so the query would rather be;

          "$\GROUPIDS$ LIKE "%;1000000124;%"


          There was a thread on this here:



          I tried with a customer some time ago, but I don't remember if we actually succeeded.

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            Ashwanth Padmanabhan

            Hey what you can do is first create an entitlement group and add these users under that group and specify that entitlement group when defining PED...i dont think you can include group id in the advanved qual of PED coz if you see the fields which are available to define an advanced qual in PED are the fields from people form but it doesnt have group id or as such field....


            So if you thinking that you have support group a.and want to tag a service request to those folks then the way to achieve that is to create an entitlement group called a for that and add those folks who are under support grioup over there and specify this entitlement group in your PED qual....

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              Peter Lundqvist

              Sorry for commenting on an old post - but I ran across this same need today and I think I have a solution to the original problem - maybe it can be useful to someone.


              If you only check the keyword every entry in CTM:People will be checked against the result of the current users keyword expansion - so you also have to check against the Login ID:


              ($\GROUPIDS$ LIKE "%;1000000067%") OR

              ($\GROUPIDS$ LIKE "%;1000000032%") OR

              ($\GROUPIDS$ LIKE "%;1000000061%") OR

              ($\GROUPIDS$ LIKE "%;1000000109%")

              ) AND

              ('Login ID' = $\USER$)


              I haven't REALLY verified it, but I get 1 or 0 results now, instead of 0 or all users, matching a search on CTM:People - depending on if my groupid is present.

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