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    Discovery of Jboss/WebLogic installable location & version within BSA

    Shankar Masekar

      Hi Experts,


      One of our customer is looking to get consolidated discovery report of  Jboss/WebLogic installed locations from no. of existing servers along with their current versions.

      The installable location of Jboss & WebLogic on the target servers varies from server to server. Additionally the version of these Web app servers can be determined by extracting & reading specific jar & xml file as explained below.


      To determine Jboss version , Assuming there is a Jboss EAP 5 or less install at /inet/projects/Encompass, the command to find out the version would be:

      unzip -c  /inet/projects/Encompass/jboss-as/bin/run.jar META-INF/MANIFEST.MF | egrep '^Implementation-Version:'The WebLogic version is stored in the config.xml file at /domain/domain-version


      Can someone help me know, what the best way we can get this done with a consolidated discovery report in BSA.


      Your help would really appreciated.


      Regards ,


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          R V

          HI Shankar,


          did you try to build an extended object containing your command? For discovery you could use a local confiugration object in a Component Template and then read the value in your (Component-Template-)Signature.




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            Bill Robinson

            unfortunately the 'discovery job' doesn't really 'discover' random things on a server.  typically in this situation i would do something like this:


            - create a component template w/ a local property like "APP_PATH"

            - set the discover condition to be like APP_PATH exists.

            - create a nsh script job that runs a find or other command to locate the possible locations of the weblogic install on your servers.

            - in the nsh script run a blcli command that creates a new local parameter instance in the template and sets the value for APP_PATH to match a found location on the target servers.

            - run the component discovery job to "find" the install locations (again)