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    Finding Not Licensed agents



      We are using BladeLogic 8.1 SP4. We have a job that runs against all servers, and part of the job copies a file to the server and we get a lot of errors saying failed to copy as Software Not Licensed. When I do an Agent Info on that server sure enough it shows as Not Licensed.


      My problem is identifying all these so I can run a license job against them all, there are still a few.


      I have a smart group with one entry of Agent_Status equals "agent is not licensed" but they do not show up in here???


      Am I missing something? I have refreshed the view at every level possible?




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          Joe Piotrowski

          Jim, I would suggest doing some basics to try to narrow down and isolate the issue. Such as:

          - find a server with an unlicensed agent, look at the Extended Properties and see if the license value is getting updated properly

          - create a new Server Smart Group as a test looking for that value

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            Hello Jim,

                      I hope you also having an log-in to bladelogic.com/support..from where you can all the information licencing..certainly you will not get the list of the server which are not licenced..but you can generate a report which will give you a list of servers which are licensed..

            do a comparative study..with the complete server list in your environment..



            Avisekh Das

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              I get the servers in smart group, but if you want to identify you can also run the nsh script type 1 by using command



              agentinfo $*|

              grep "Lic" | awk '{printf"%-15s%s\n" ,$3,$4}'


              Should help you to give the output as licensed or not licensed. hope this helps

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                Parameter would be Sever_ip with flag option $*

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                  R V

                  Hi Jim,


                  in general, if you have a smart group that does not show all the servers you expect to be in there there are three reasons possible: a) the smart group definition is wrong or b) the agent status (in this case) is wrong, c) permissons are wrong. If both a) and b) are what they should be the server will appear in the smart group. Anyway it might be you could not see any server because the object permissons don't allow you to see the server - and - according to your GUI settings 'no-access-nodes' are not shown.


                  Regarding a)

                  This should be straightforward as you just click your settings and therefore could not make any mistakes; besides - if you jave more than one condition and the any/all-setting isn't right.


                  Regarding b)

                  Server properties are inside the database. Until you run an Update Server Properties Job these property values might me incorrect/out-of-date (running this job is my preferred solution for your problem ;-) )


                  Regarding c)

                  Just check the permissions for the SmartServerGroup AND the servers that should appear inside.


                  Hope that helps,


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                    Thanks for the help guys


                    What I have found is that if I run a verify against the individual server, it then correctly pops up in the smart group as not licensed. I therefore ran an updateServersStaus against all servers, and that hopefully will now correctly populate the not licensed smart group so I can now run a job against that group to license them all......


                    Am I meant to have to run a verify before it will appear in the smart group? maybe it is just a timing issue, as some do appear, but not many



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                      R V

                      Then it's b) ;-)


                      You are not meant to run a verify but you are meant to schedule(!) an update server properties job, e.g. every hour. As "verify" shows up your server, the update server properties job will also. Make sure you run it with a role (e.g. BLAdmins) that has access to EVERY server.




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                        Joe Piotrowski

                        Jim, the agents are passive. They do nothing until they get instructions from the app servers. Over time, the information can get stale. So we recommend you schedule an Update Server Properties job at least once or twice a day. Or, you can create a Batch Job and run a verify first before executing another job.