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    what is directory for PsExec Installtion ? where i can find agents Environment path variable entry ?

    Somnath Shilimkar

      Hi All,

                i am trying to do the installtion of RSCD version 8.2 sp1 on some windows servers using Unified Agent Installer (on windows server 2003 EE).

      in user guide for installing RSCD agent using Unified Agent Installer, you have to follow these steps below :


      1) Preliminary tasks for installing



      2) Running Unified Agent Installer


      Now inside 1) Preliminary Tasks they have another small task called Setting Up PsExec Server..


      Now while installing PsExec server.. for its installtion directory,

      following is written in PDF -->


      PsExec must be installed in a directory that is specified in the agent's path

      environment variable when the agent is started on the PsExec server



      but i dont know where i can find this agent's path environment varible and value for directory specified in agent path..


      my question is -- >


      what is location of agent's path environment variable ? or where i can find its entry(in some file) ?


      note : i have one windows server 2003 EE on which i have alreday installed RSCD 8.2 sp1, and on same machine i m trying to install this PsExec Server.. and

      another windows server 2003 EE is there on which i m trying to install RSCD 8.2 using Unified Agent Installer..