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    Error loading NSH.pm module in Perl on BBSA appserver

      installed ActiveState Perl 5.16 (doc says 5.8.8 is supported, I assume its 5.8.8. and up) on 2 separate application servers (both on windows server 2003) perl installed in d:\Perl followed BMC's instructions,copied the module NSH.pm from \NSH\perl to d:\Perl\lib followed BMC's instructions,copied the rest of the files (NSH.dll, etc) from \NSH\perl to d:\Perl\lib\auto\NSH. followed BMC's instrucitons on configuring perlconfig location /d/Perl/bin/perl.exe. restarted appserver. trying to run  a simple perl script with just one line: "use NSH;" keep getting the following on both servers: Can't load 'D:/Perl/lib/auto/NSH/NSH.dll' for module NSH: load_file:The specifie d module could not be found at D:/Perl/lib/DynaLoader.pm line 191. any ideas?

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