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    soft link

    Bob Bailey

      Having trouble getting soft link to work.  Here's what I've done.  For testing purposes I created a simple txt file on a server and added it to the depot as a file.  Then from the depot I was able to add that file to a blpackage and the soft link was available option was available...which I chose.  My probem comes with this:  when I modify the contents of this text file at either the depot or the original location at the server, the contents are not updated in the blpackage.  Isn't this the purpose of soft link?  If not, could someone please explain the purpose of soft link.  I thought it was for automatically keeping the content of the blpackage current with the source document.



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          If you modify the file directly in the Depot, then the blpackage should point to modified file, unless it's not soft linked.


          If you modify the file in the source, then it should have no effect on the Depot file, because when you add the file to Depot, it makes a copy of the file in <fileserver>/files I believe.


          When you think you've modified the file, if you open it from the Depot, do you see the modified contents of not?

          If you do - then blpackage should use new content

          If you do not - then you did not modify the file correctly

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            Bob Bailey

            Great!  Got it to work.  I thought I had done that but maybe it was a refresh issue on the target server I deployed it to.  Anyway that worked.  The only thing I don't like about that design is that I can't soft link to the original file on the source server.  So now my original on the source server is different than the file in the depot.  I've got a customer that makes a lot of changes to scripts and they want those changes to be automatically updated in the blpackage.  So yes, they can make the change in the script that's in the depot but now the script in the depot is not the same as the script on the source server.  Any ideas?  In my mind that what I thought soft link could be used for.  Hopefully someone can figure this one out.



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              No, unfortunately you cannot soft-link the File Object to the original source. The File Object will always make the copy of your source file to the <fileserver>, and that's where all modifications are made.


              If you want to be able to modify the actual source, and have that propagate to the Depot Object, and therefore to the BLPackage that is soft linked to your depot object, then consider Custom Software Object.


              When you create it, you have the option to "Refer to source at its current location". Generally you would use this type of object to install software, but who's to say you cannot just use it as file object ; )  For the "install command" you can do whatever you want with that object... If your intent with the File Object was just to echo the contents, then in your Custom Software Object, simply say echo ??SOURCE?? ... basically you are not restricted to "install" when you use Custom Software Object.


              I hope the intended message here was clear... whatever you plannded to do with the File Object, you can tweak and do with Custom Software Object.

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                Bob Bailey

                Thanks Lazar for the help...will definitely give it a try.  Really appreciate your help.  Have a good weekend!




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                  you too, Bob ... let us know if it worked out. also having an option to "Refer to source at its current location" for File Object would not be bad of an idea. Feel free to file a Feature Enhancement with BMC Support.