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    SRP Authentication Failure installing Compliance Content

    Joe Piotrowski

      We're attempting to install Compliance Content for BSA version 8.2.03. We're getting the following error message (screenshot) when attempting to install:


      The given credentials failed authentication: Authentication failure: SRP Authentication Failure


      We're running the installer on Windows as "accountName" who is an admin on the server. We've created a new Authentication Profile called "cn-vm-bsaapp01" and we've succesfully accepted the cert and can connect with our authprofile via blcred cred -acquire (screenshot). The app server and the file server both have "* rw,user=localAdmin" entries. Both users.local files have the following entries:

      BLAdmins:* rw,map=localAdmin

      accountName rw,map=localAdmin


      We keep trying to use the BLAdmin credentials but the installer keeps failing with that SRP Authentication Failure message. What am I missing?

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