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    BPCU tool

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      We are trying to upgrade ARS 7.5 to 7.6.04 and ITSM 7.6.01 to 7.6.04


      After installing ARS 7.6.04 on staging server, we have ran BPCU with mode D to create difference report. In difference report we found that HPD:Help Desk form is set to false in "Convertible to overlay". Now we want to check why BPCU is not able to create overlay for HPD:Help desk form.


      We have too many customization on HPD:Help Desk form.


      Can any one suggest the way to idenfity the cause for this ?


      Envrionment Detail :


      OS - Windows 2003

      DB - MSSQL 2005

      ARS - 7.6.04

      ITSM - 7.6.01

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          If the BPCU difference report shows non-permitted customizations, resolve them.

          Ensure that you have set your BMC Remedy Migrator configuration options before performing the following procedures.


          1. Install a reference server (ReferenceServer) that is the same version as your production AR System server, and install copies of all applications that are running on your production server. (The installed applications must be the same version as the applications on your production server, including patches and hotfixes.) The reference server will have only unmodified origin objects from the BMC released software, with no customizations.
          2. On ReferenceServer and StagingServer, use the Migrator command-line interface to create a .migrator file that contains only the objects with non-permitted customizations. Then, use Migrator to compare the two files.
          3. For each object that contains a non-permitted modification, perform the appropriate corrective action.
          4. After fixing all non-permitted modifications, delete your Migrator instruction files and the difference report from the output folder.
          5. Run the BPCU again in ReportDiff mode to generate a clean set of instruction files based on your server after you have removed all non-permitted customizations.


            The clean Migrator instruction files are the instruction files that you will use in stage 5 of the upgrade process.


            These corrective actions allow BPCU to preserve an object as a custom object that does not conflict with a BMC application object, or the corrective actions allow BPCU to create an overlay from the object.




          David J. Easter
          Product Line Manager, AR System

          BSM & Atrium Solutions Mgmt
          BMC Software, Inc.

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            Thanks David for this valuable information.


            We are preparing a reference server with same ARS and ITSM version as staging server.


            I will keep this discussion open, till we successfully create overlay for non permitted objects.


            Thanks again.


            - Krunal