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    BLPatchCheck2 fail after 20 minutes. Analysis takes a long time.



      I have problem with skan some servers. During start blpatchcheck2.exe via Blade Logic automation console, blpatchcheck2.exe is getting killed after ~20minutes and analysis fail. I try run the analysis locally from the target on the command line:


      BLPatchCheck2.exe 0 -pt 13 hfnetchk6b.xml result.xml and patch scanning completed successfully after  40 minutes. It is to long.


      I found solution by changing CPU priority for BLPatchCheck2.exe to above normal during scanning process and it helped . Scan was completed after 10 minutes.


      Every time BLPatchCheck2.exe is using 25% CPU. It is virtual server with 4vCPU (xeon 2,4Ghz). Why do I have problems with analysis patches with normal CPU priority and why Does It Take so Long?


      The same problem is on several different servers.


      Any ideas?