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    Who is able to provision HP Blade 460 G7 using PXE ?



      I have a case open (ISS03991191) for a while now because I am not able to provision HP Blade 460c G7 using PXE.

      The problem occurs only if my target is in a different subnet than my pxe server.

      When server boot, it is receiving IP address and I can see activity within pxe.log.

      But after, I received a 4011 error message.


      I have no issue with G1,G6 ang Gen8.


      According to support, the issue comes from our network ... Ok but in this case why it is working with others models?

      Also according to support, others customers using G7 doesn't have the issue.


      So, If you are using G7, may I ask you to share your configuration and perhaps it will help me to solve the problem.


      Thanks !