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    BladeLogic CLI establish console with Linux server

      What I am trying to do is bypass the Bladelogic GUI and login to Bladelogic and pull up a shell to a linux server from the command line.  The commands I am entering are as follows:


      blcred cred -acquire -profile DomainAuth -username rmasci@ADMIN.LOCAL

      blcli_setoption serviceProfileName DomainAuth
      blcli_setoption roleName Support


      RDPHostServer% blcred cred -list
      Username:         rmasci@ADMIN.LOCAL
      Authentication:   Domain Authentication
      Issuing Service:  service:authsvc.bladelogic:blauth://
      Expiration Time:  Fri Nov 30 21:08:23 EST 2012
      Maximum Lifetime: Fri Nov 30 21:08:23 EST 2012
      Client address:
      Authorized Roles:

      Destination URLs:


      Looks like I am logged in, but when I try to issue a command to get to a server it fails.


      % nexec -l -i Mylinuxserver bash

      nexec: Error accessing host Mylinuxserver: No authorization to access host

      Unable to access Mylinuxserver: No authorization to access host


      If I go in through bladelogic GUI I can access Mylinuxserver and open an NSH shell, and once I open that NSH session using the gui I can use the 'nexec -l -i <other server> bash' to access other servers.  Again what I am looking for is a way to do this without the GUI.