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    Can't create compliance rule from local template EO

      BladeLogic SA 8.0


      I am attempting to use command output from my servers in my compliance rules, however I am unable to use ANY of the resultant output.


      I have created my local extended object using a dummy command to produce 'name = value' output:


      My local EO appears in the compliance parts collection:


      Once the discovery has been refreshed, I can browse one of the servers and verify that there is valid output from the EO:


      Unfortunately, though, when I create a rule using this local EO, I am unable to browse any of its children with the exception of "Name" and "Path", which I don't believe will be useful in this case:


      If I try to fill in the rule manually, I receive an error indicating that there are no matching configuration objects or properties, and I am denied the list of operators:



      I think I must be missing a step or something.  Creation of the rule seems to be dependent upon the local EO already returning data, but I'm not sure how to do that.  This works with a global EO when the rule's configuration object is selected as an EO component of the server, since the data is already populated.


      Thank you,