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    INFO: Update BL v8.2 SP2 to BL v8.2 SP3 SQL-upgrade-script

    R V

      Hi all,


      this is just an information in case someone has the same "issue".


      After upgrading from SP2 to SP3 one has to run the SQL-upgrade-script contained in the archive "82-SP3-SQL_Update_Scripts.zip" . The upgrade-script itself is called "install_hotfix_update_oracle_script.sql" (which of course is written in the contained readme.txt-file).


      What is not written in the readme.txt-file is, that the database-version-upgrade at the end of the script is not what one (at least me ;-) ) would expect. The version is "updated" to "8.2.02" which in case of the used update-path is the same as it was.


      If all goes the normal way (i.e. script output is silently ignored by the install-person ;-) ), the upgraded application server is started and everything works fine.


      If - for whatever reason - you take care of this message asking yourself what problems may arise from this wrong version-number, things are getting "dark". But - a ticket and some phone calls from the friendly support-guy later, things are getting "light" again.


      The solution: As the changes in this SP3 regarding the database are "minor changes", the database version number isn't upgraded.


      Best regards and have a nice evening (at least if you are in the german timezone ;-) ),