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    Delete cleanupAgent command crashes on access denied to a dir/file



      Running "blcli_execute Delete cleanupAgent <host> 7" against a Linux agent.


      Most of the /Transactions on the agent are owned by the user we're mapped to but some are owned by 'nobody'

      The user we are mapped to is a non-root user.  We have no problems deleting directories owned by this user but when we encounter first directory/file owned by 'nobody' and try to delete it we get "java.io.IOException:...Operation Not permitted", and then the entire command crashes( and does not proceed to the next directory)


      We need to be able to handle this error and proceed.

      I've checked both released and unreleased documentation for "delete cleanupAgent" API but hoping I could find a switch to proceed on errors but could not find any.


      Any ideas?