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    System Authorisations

    Mike Jones

      Does anyone know how/when the system authorisations for Virtualisation and UCS are created ?


      I have created a blank 8.2 database with the db script in external files and I have pointed an existing BladeLogic installation at it by updating the connectionstring with blasadmin.


      However when I connect to the console it is missing the all the component.BMC_* and server.BMC_* authorisations does anyone know when these are created or how I can force them to be re-created





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          Mike, not sure if I understand the question, but the authorizations themselves cannot be created/updated. It's the objects that can have authorizations added/revoked. When you point existing installation to brand new database instance there will be many items missing, because the appserver is no longer 'starting for the first time', where it would write some initial information into the database. If you started with brand new database, then I do not see a reason not to start with brand new appserver install. To make the existing appserver install to start as if for the first time, one of the things you may need to do is to rename file.zip.done.date back to file.zip in all folders under NSH\br\autoimportcontent. There could be other things to bring back to initial state, but I would start with brand new appserver installation if you're starting with brand new database.

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            Mike Jones

            Lazar, in the current state the authorizations do not exist at all, looking in RBAC manager and they are missing.


            I will try renaming to zip file to see if that does anything



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              Mike Jones

              Lazar the rename of the zip files has worked - thanks the authorisations are now visible in RBAC manager