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    BSA DR Site

      Hello Everyone!


      I am setting up BSA DR site and have few questions:


      1) The customer has 2 App servers, how do they need to be configured. In the docs that I went over talk about setting up a default app server on a single host and 2 app servers on a same host but have not seeing setting up 2 app server on different hosts. If I can be pointed in the direction where I can get the info on setting up the app server.

      2) Also customer wants to implement out-of-the-box BladeLogic File Server cleanup jobs.


      Attach please see the environment customer is trying to implement.





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          Hi Sohail


          Just search the docs for configuring multiple application servers on different hosts.  It is all there.

          With true DR you have a number of areas to consider, dont forget IP addressing and FW rules from the DR site.

          8.2 installs with out of the box maintenance scripts and if you are on 8.1 you can just read the docs to create what is required.

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            Do you need to configure the MAS setup with primary and secondary Appserver on differnet host with Both the Appserver is on time sync.

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              I am not sure I understand your question.


              MAS can scale both vertically and horizontally, i.e. you can have multiple instances on a single host as well as across hosts.

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                Yes, the thing is the environment is a and the customer has clone the vm's from the prod to the DR. I cannot find a way to rename the app server to its new name. I went into the Infrastructure Management and edit the AppServer but I can only edit the Display Name but not the Application Server Name. Is there a way to do this?

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                  You do not need the appservers to be the same name as your production environment.  Lets just be clear that DR is not the same as HA.

                  If you are using nightly replication then you need to ensure that the DB and Fileserver contents are replicated.  The appservers in your DR site can be offline until such a time that you need to failover to DR.

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                    To create a DR site for BSA — as Scott stated, you need to replicate the BSA DB and Depot on the File Server to the DR Site.  You can have a AppServer on both PROD and DR, and you'd leave the DR site down (meaning the AppServer isn't running) until it's needed.


                    In this model, when you declare DR, and before bringing up the DR AppServer, you'll need to run the File Server Change script to change the dB references to the PROD FileServer to point to DR FileServer.


                    You'll have to reverse the replication, before moving back to PROD, and run the File Server Change script to point to the PROD FileServer.


                    The most seamless way to accomplish this is via DNA Aliasing using CNAME aliases … to avoid having to run the File Server Change script and having to manage AppServer that are up or down depending on the active environment.


                    In Prod … create alias like BLAPP01 (AppServer), BLDB (DB Server), BLDepot (File Server) and update your hosts and exports file accordingly.  Then using BLASADMIN … change your dB and FileServer references to the aliases.


                    Start the replication to DR.


                    When moving to DR, then all you have to do is update your DNS record to point the aliases from above to your DR servers … and avoid having to change references in the dB and configuration of the AppServer.


                    Also if you update the Console's connection profile to point to the Alias, when DR situation happens, users won't need to change their profile, they can just continue to use the profile which points to the Alias.

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                      Joe Piotrowski

                      If I'm not mistaken, when you add another application server to your environment, it creates database entries. Instead of cloning the application server VMs, you might be better served installing the failover application servers instead.


                      Also, if you have installed content (like Compliance content) there will be scripts written to the application servers in the <install directory\share\sensors folder. You will need to replicate those if there are any entries or reinstall content.

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                        Bill Robinson

                        on the DR appservers you can run the 'blasadmin' command and set the displayname and appservername values for each instance to correctly reflect the dr side names.


                        you should also make sure the appservers are configured to talk to the DR side database, and i'd encourage you to use an alias for the database and file server names otherwise you will need to manually run some sql scripts to change the file server location after you failover to dr.


                        you should make these changes w/ the dr side appservers shutdown, then you should break the file server and database replication and startup the dr appservers, ensure they start - you may want to think about running a blcli script to disable any scheduled jobs on the dr side while you make sure it's working (since i'm assuming it can talk to your servers).  then stop the appservers, re-establish the file and db replication from the prod side and you're done.