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    installation problem with bl2atrium 8.2.2

    Erez Frenkel



      I have an installation problem with the bl2atrium 8.2.2


      The customer just upgrade his environment from bsa 8.0.8 version to 8.2.2.


      His environment include:

      Bsa app server (and console), bdssa server, cmdb server and central sql server


      There is a firewall between the servers and all the necessary ports was opened for the installation,


      Our problem is that the installation of the BL2Atrium is failed with this error:


      FAILED_INSTALL_FEATURES, Detail=productbl2atrium


      SEVERE, com,bmc.install.product.bl2atrium.bl2atriumARimportpostinstallationTask


      Program execution failed to due to return code -1, Detail= Program not completed


      Any ideas?