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    Extended Object, #, and nsvp.gm



      I have very simple script, that does very simple job - goes to target server, grep`s the /etc/inetd.conf, and returns first column. I use it when, for example, I need to check if ftp is commented or not.



      RES=`nexec $HOST grep -w 'ftp' /etc/inetd.conf | awk '{print $1}'`

      print "result=$RES"


      Running this script form command line works nice. I see both fpt or #ftp as the output of the script.


      When using it as local EO in compliance template with nsvp.gm (name = value), and testing it in Rule Definition tab, I can see that it returns only values that dont have # in front of them. Values that are commented are not being returned at all, i.e. nothing.


      This is not a major flaw, or anything - but isnt BSA supposed to display all values as output of EO, have they special characters in front of them or not?


      Hope this make sense.