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    BBSA Provisioning across WAN

      Hello guys,


      I am trying to setup up BBSA provisioning across WAN, I have two location say A (local) and B (Remote). I have Application server, DB, PXE, TFTP, DHCP in location A private network. my provisioning working fine in location A. now I am expanding my setup with location B. where I have installed PXE and TFTP. I made necessary changes in pxe.conf file and configured DHCP. all these components are in private network. I have configured my PXE server as router (software) and NAT the private IP with Public IP.

      Now when I start my target VM on location B I am facing below issues,


      1. My PXE is not able to find the MAC in DB, this issue seen in pxe.log. for time being I have added MAC manually. after this I never saw MAC not found in DB error, that means pxe able to communicate with DB and found MAC.

      2. target server receive IP from DHCP, then throws error - unable to locate boot server. in pxe.log I can see below lines repeated -


      [Thread-11] [INFO] [::] [] RPacketProcessor Thread id= 51 started

      [Thread-11] [INFO] [::] [] It is a boot server request packet from /x.x.x.24:4011

      [Thread-11] [INFO] [::] [] Will create light weight prov device object

      [Thread-6] [INFO] [::] [] [PxeServerMonitor]: Current Active RPacketProcessor Threads:1



      x.x.x.24 is IP received by target server from DHCP.

      x.x.x.2 is DHCP IP.

      x.x.x.4 is PXE server IP. / this is router also nat with public IP of application server


      There is nothing in tftp.log. in pxe.conf I have set multicast option to 1 and broadcast option to 0. Multicast address is -


      Is any one tried this before please help me on this. Appriciate any help.




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          Steffen Kreis



          we have PXE servers distributed globally as well, but without NAT beeing involved, as it all happens inside our corporate network.


          I wonder what you mean with MAC not found ?

          Have you set auto_discover_disabled to 1 in your pxe.conf ?




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            Hi Steffen,


            My location A and Location B are connected over public network across WAN, so Application server IP (which is in location A) is not reachable from the network where I am booting my target server, or you can say my DHCP server of location B.

            So I believe target server MAC address is not forewarded to application server or DB, due to which my pxe.log saying Device 00-15-5d-41-04-07: not present in db. correct me if I am wrong here.


            I have set auto_discover_disabled is 0.

            below is architecture for reference. Please let me know in case I missed anything or I need to check any cofigurations.







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              Hi Omkar,


              Your clients will try to talk back to an application server on 9831 (SSL Port).  If site B can not route to site A then you need to set your BMI call back address as the PXE server in Site B.  The PXE server then needs to forward all 9831 traffic back to the application server in site A (to a job instance running 9831 of course) and you can use iptables for this.


              The current error should be relative to your site B only.  Try using broadcast in pxe.conf with the multicast Ip address as the PXE server IP.

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                Thanks Scott,


                I am bit confused here, does client (Target) server try to connect application server using port 9831 during initial boot ? as per my understanding initial boot instrauctions are send by PXE (broadcast / multicast).


                I believe that BMI call back option is in system package. correct me if I am wrong here.

                Is there any pxe configuration I am missing ??


                I have configured iptable as below at PXE server (PXE server is what I am using as router) -

                /bin/echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

                /sbin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o seth0 -j MASQUERADE


                as per your suggestion I made changes in pxe.conf, restarted pxe and tftp service but no luck

                below is client VM screen showing output on boot -







                any document or reference would be very helpful.




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                  no 9831 is after the PXE and TFTP process


                  I notice you have the DHCP option 211 to your appserver.  Change that to your PXE server and retest.  I assume you have populated your datastore on the PXE server with the boot image and OS media etc?

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                    I have DHCP scop 211 option has value as PXE server IP. on PXE server I have populated gentoo boot image at /tftproot/X86PC/pxelinux/


                    yet not uploaded rest of OS in pxestore.


                    I am expecting atleast initial boot should be there using gentoo boot image.




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                      Sorry for the delayed reply Omkar. 


                      Your image above does not suggest the dhcp options were set for the PXE server.  Have you had any progress with this case?  The only further point I can suggest is ensuring that broadcasts are allowed to hit both your PXE and DHCP server.  So for switched networks this means that IPhelper settings on the switch should be set for the DHCP and PXE server IP addresses.

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                        Bill Robinson

                        i believe his problem is that this is a hyper-v guest and it's not clear if that supports a full pxe implementation.  it dosn't seem to be getting the pxe response or know what to do w/ it.