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    NSH limitations

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      Hello, Does any one know of a document that lists NSH limitations regarding commands and script execution?  I'm at a client doing a pilot to see if NSH can replace ssh for auditing purposes and one concern is whether everything can be done via NSH.  Thanks

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          certainly not everything is the same, some nsh versions of commands behave differently from native versions (sed for example). I think it would be much simpler to answer your question if you had specific tasks in mind... those tasks can be tested for direct comparison.

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            Luciano Spagnuolo

            The client does not have a complete list of tasks or commands that are used in the environment.  This is why they have requested any information on what others may have come across as issues or potential issues utilizing NSH.

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              Bill Robinson

              since it's possible to nexec into a shell on the target, there's not much of a limitation there if you are going to use nsh as the access mechanism instead of ssh.  also, one man's limitation is another's security feature


              i would get a list of use cases from the customer and determine how nsh matches up.  if they can't define their use cases it's going to be hard to determine what to evaluate about nsh.

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