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    Workflow for Adding activity log entry in the SRM Request

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      I have implemented a customized form in which there is a character field with some data. I want this data to be sent to SRM request activity log (work log).

      In our Remedy environment SRM is integrated with Incident management as a fulfillment application.


      Hence, I enabled the active link/filter logs to see the flow.

      I taken the log by adding work log in Incident ticket which gets copied to its associated SRM request's Activity log. However, there are huge number of filters running to capture Incident's work info in SRM activity log.


      Can anybody help me if there is easy way to enter data from customized form to perticular Request's activity log.


      ARS - 7.5.00 patch 004

      ITSM - 7.6.01 patch 001

      SRM - 7.6



      Anirudha D