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    Windows VM post provisioning script failing..

    Shankar Masekar

      Hi Experts ,


      One of our customer is looking to run post provisioning batch script that will get executed after provisioning windows OS via VM template in a single VGJ job. The batch script that they want to run post provisioning would call many other .vbs script placed on shared servers in a windows domain & hence the script would only run via Domain user credentials.


      The batch script is stored on shared server ,hence we have given the path of the batch script in ‘run once script’ in VGJ & ran the VGJ , that successfully provisioned OS on vCenter & added the provisioned server in domain , but it fails to run the script ,may be because the newly provisioned server has not automatically logged in with domain user credentials. Can anyone help me know ,how can we run the post provisioning batch script in a VGJ with domain user credentials ?




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          Shankar, instead of standard ACL configuration, you can implement Automation Principal (user Guide for more info). Basically with Automation Principals, you can set the job to run as any local or domain user, rather than running as BladeLogicRSCD user impersonating the permissions of the mapped user. Automation Principal is configured in the RBAC, ALCs do not need to be pushed.


          Another option is to throw psexec into your mix and use it to execute your scripts as a domain user. using this method you may be exposing the username/password in clear text, so just a warning there..

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