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    Windows: BladeLogicRSCD ID acct locks out - Only resolution is to uninstall\re-install

      We have a slowly growing issue with the BladeLogicRSCD account locking up. Right now, it happens from time to time, on about 3-4 Windows 2003 servers. If I unlock the account, it locks out again, thereby stopping the local BladeLogic service.


      First - has anyone ever seen an issue like this?


      I've submitted a ticket to BMC Support, and apart from verbose RSCD logs, there's nothing that they can do. I've setup the agent so DEBUG is active, but enter in our next issue:


      Second: all 10 RSCD logs simply state that the agent tried to start, that the account BladeLogicRSCD is locked out and then the service stops - As if the agent is trying to restart itself.


      Is this true? The agent service is set to Automatic so it must be trying to restart somehow... I do not know how long it takes before all 10 logs are over-written...


      Is there anything I can do to save the logs that might document why the ID would lock out?