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    A problem with addStringEnumProperty

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to make this command work in BladeLogic:


      blcli_execute PropertyClass addStringEnumProperty Class://SystemObject/PLATFORM_INSTALL PP_CORE_PTS_SERVICES "test description" true false "\"Intranet Node1, DSCM\",\"Intranet Node2\"" "\"intranet-core1\",\"intranet-core2\"" '"intranet-core1"'


      But I get this error message when executing it:

      "Command execution failed. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Default value "intranet-core1" does not exist"


      As far as I can see the double quotes in the enumeration values argument "\"intranet-core1\",\"intranet-core2\"" are not escaped. The values should be "intranet-core1" and "intranet-core2" including the double qoutes. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


      I'm running version