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    Issues installing 8.2 SP2 RSCD Agent on Windows Server 2008 R2

    Joe Piotrowski

      I'm getting unexpected issues installing the 8.2 SP2 RSCD Agent on Windows Server 2008 R2.


      In same cases the agent installs successfully. In some cases two of the secure files (exports, secure and users.local) give an "Access is denied" error when any other Administrator (other than the creator) tries to open those files.


      Also, the secure file does not contain the proper permissions. It only contains a "default" permission and not the "rscd" permission.


      Has anyone experienced this before? It seems to change depending on the user credentials used to intall the agent. The administrators all belong to the same domain group and have the exact same rights. But it works OK with one person's credentials, but not another. I've even tried creating a local user with admin rights and the problem still occurs.


      I've attached a screenshot showing a lock icon on the exports, secure and users.local files.