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    BMC_UnixProcesses error when use it in a Compliance Rule

      Hi all,


      I have searched about this issue but I haven´t found any related with it in the KB.


      I´m trying to create a Compliance Job to verify if a server has some critical processes running.


      I have added BMC_UnixProcesses as a part in the Component Template and after save it, I have follow the wizard to use it in a compliance rule


      In the rule definition, I use "Configuration Object Types" > "BMC_UnixProcesses" > "BMC_UnixProcess" > "comm"


      Finaly, the rule is created with this syntax:


      "BMC_UnixProcesses.BMC_UnixProcess:/".comm equals sshd


      I have not write anything in the rule by myself, all rule appears following the menu provided in the box


      If I try to save the rule, I obtain this error mesage:


      No template parts used in compliance will collect BMC_UnixProcess '/'


      Do you know which is the correct syntax for this rule? Is there any other way to use BMC_UnixProcesses to verify processes running in the server.


      As a workarround, I´m working in an extended object to verify this (ps -ef) but I prefer to use extended objects only when BL cannot verify something by itself.


      Thanks and Regards