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    Exluding domain controllers from ACL Push Jobs

      Hello All!


      i am relativly new to BBSA. right now i have smart groups set up for each of our sites, with simple rules like "target.name starts with CL" for our cleveland servers. So when i run ACL push jobs right now i have to go into each smart group and unselect the domain controller for each site. I cant use the condition on the smart group to match "ALL" instead of "ANY" as the company is very old and naming convention isnt that consistant so i have multple "target.name" conditions to make the smart groups work accurately. all of our domain controllers end with "dc01" but i cant put that condition in there because i have "ANY" selected and that rule voids the previous and i end up with all servers in the smart group.


      Is there any way to exlude a server from a smart group or exlude a server from being able to have ACL jobs pushed to it?


      any help is appreciated!